About Best Canadian Motor Inns

Eight hotel locations to serve you in Alberta & Saskatchewan.

In 1979, Bob Campbell a young Fort McMurray lawyer was looking for opportunity. After developing his practice, familiarizing himself with the McMurray business environment and developing contacts in the construction industry Mr. Campbell expanded into hospitality.

The early years weren’t always easy. Pulling double duty as a full time lawyer AND on-site hotel manager his hard work finally started to pay off in the late ‘80s. Seeing the opportunity that hotels in Northern Alberta presented, Bob Campbell moved quickly to expand. Moving first into Hinton, AB in 1987 and a year later into Drayton Valley a new chain, Best Canadian Motor Inns (BCMInns) was born.

With a focus on comfort and value, BCMI would continue to grow. Throughout the ‘90s and 2000s an additional 7 locations would be added throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan.

In 2013 BCMInns would up its game once again creating a new premium brand, The Kanata Inns by BCMInns. Incorporating everything we’ve learned in over 30 years, The Kanata perfectly blends value, service, technology and luxury to create an entirely new hotel experience.

Moving forward, BCMInns and The Kanata Inns will continue to grow and to improve. We will strive to achieve our mission of being your 1st choice in accommodation. Every time.